Connect Groups


Sacred Signers
A ministry that presents praise music via American Sign Language. Practices and performances will be determined by those who are interested. No signing experience is needed.
Leader: Angele Cooper

“Prayer Connection”- FUMC Prayer Walk Team
Walk our community with a team to regularly love our neighbors by praying for them and with them.
Leader: Christy Inverso

This group participates in different skits/ musicals to enhance the worship service experience. Larger shows are in the planning stages. Rehearsals and participation vary depending on the show and what is needed.
Leader: Jenna Rentzel

Ageless Angels
We are ageless (any age). This group is for anyone who wants to share her/his gifts and talents through knitting and crocheting. We make shawls for baptisms or people who need extra comfort wrapped around them in prayer. We are looking for people of all ages who have experience or not. If you want to learn how to knit or crochet, we can do that. We have many donated supplies so you don’t need to bring anything.
Leader- Angele Cooper and Aimee Nolt

 United Methodist Women Circles
Small groups of women who meet monthly for sharing devotions, mission studies, and fellowship. All women are welcome! We currently have two different circles that meet at various times throughout the month at the church.
Leaders- Joan Aveni and Julie Balkenhol