Today, 1/21, is National Day of Prayer

Dear Friends in Christ,

Today is a National Day of Prayer for the Nation. I call on all United Methodists to spend time in prayer and how to be a better citizen. I have written a prayer that you are welcome to use today or with your congregation on Sunday. I invite you to share this prayer with the congregation.


John Schol, Bishop
United Methodists of Greater New Jersey

Prayer for the Nation
Creator God, you have reached deep into the sandy beaches of the Atlantic, the deep red clay of Georgia, the deep brown and black soil of the Midwest, and deeply into every part of this good earth to create a world, our Nation and a people. Thank you God for creating us as a rich and wonderful tapestry, curious and creative, hardworking and playful, brilliant and wise to be stewards of your creation. Forgive us, Creator God when we squander or do not cultivate these good gifts in ourselves or others. Help us to better receive your creation and our Nation as a gift and reflect you and your creation in all we do and say.

Redeemer God, when all seems lost, you light our way through Jesus Christ. Faced with a pandemic, racism, financial insecurity and National division, forgive us for not following the light of Jesus, and heal us Redeemer of our illnesses – COVID-19, discrimination, fear, and division. Let us in our faith and actions be a light to others. May our collective witness as a Nation be light and hope to the world for the values Jesus embodied – grace, kindness, justice, peace, gentleness, faithfulness and perseverance.

Sustainer God, we are weary from fighting the pandemic, creating walls and barriers that separate us, trying to convince others our way is right and working or trying to find work to have a sustainable life and world. Forgive us for not relying on your strength, for not breathing your breath, for not using this time to draw closer to you. Sustainer God, give us the strength to rise up and be better citizens, collectively a better Nation so that we bear witness to you God, Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. Amen.  

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