The church is made of so many people, who give of their time and expertise, to help guide the structure of the “church”. From Church Council, Trustees, and Finance, to Staff Parish Relations, all these committees are important to how Glassboro FUMC operates on a daily basis.

Pastor: Rev. John InversoLay Leader: Pat HeritageLay Member to Annual Conference:
Ingres Simpson

The Church Council oversees all ministries
of the church. Meets every month with
committee members and staff.
Chairperson: Robin McGuiganSecretary: Chickie Mathis
Lay Leader: Pat Heritage Lay Member to Annual Conference:
Ingres Simpson
Finance Chair: Bob Wooton Director of Education:
Brian Mickle
Treasurer: Dave Walters Director of Young Adult / Campus Ministry:
Melodie Norton
Finance Secretary:
Donna Mickle
Director of Visitation & Hospitality:
Charlie Adams
Staff Parish Chair:
Meg Watson
Director of Music & Worship Arts:
Sarah Mickle
Sunday School Superintendent:
Ruth Doran
History Team:
George Armstrong
Trustee Chair:
Jerry Anton
United Methodist Women:
Joan Aveni
Youth Representative to Council:
Amy Chowning
Nominations/Lay Leadership:
Rev. John Inverso
Chairperson Emeritus:
Cliff Meeks
Class of 2019Class of 2020Class of 2021
Darlene SimmonsRon BerkowskyNancy Walters
June LongleyChris McGuiganAudeen Conklin