Each Sunday at 9:50 AM for all ages.
Study begins May 15th, 7 PM

A NEW BIBLE STUDY began on May 15, 7:00PM, in the Fellowship House. Short Stories by Jesus explores a fresh and timely interpretation of Jesus’ most popular teaching parables. Jesus knew how to tell a story. He knew that in order to get his message across he needed to relate to the people who gathered to listen—first century Jews—who lived in a very different world than the one in which we live today. In Short Stories by Jesus, author Amy-Jill Levine takes you back in time and explains how original audiences understood Jesus’ parables. You’ll learn how new interpretations of the parables continue to challenge and provoke contemporary readers two thousand years later. If you would a study guide, please let the church office know.

Men of Armor
A men’s group of all ages that meets every other Tuesday at 7 PM at local restaurants. Different studies and fellowship. This group also participates in fishing trips and various other activities.
Leader: Charlie Adams & Brian Mickle

This group meets each Wednesday evening and rotates homes or various restaurants and focuses on refreshing our minds, bodies and souls from the busy and hectic life. The group has various different studies, but the group also focuses on community volunteer work and day trips to Christian concerts. They organize the Trunk or Treat outreach and help with the Christmas stocking party.
Leader: Brian Mickle

Jesus and Java
This young adult (college) study class meets every Sunday during the college year in the church coffeehouse at 7 PM..
Leader: Melodie Norton, Director of Young Adults and Campus Ministry at melodie@glassboromethodist.org

Tavern Theology
Another young adult program that meets throughout the school year. Contact melodie@glassboromethodist.org for the next round of times that they will be gathering!
Leader: Director of Young Adults- Melodie Norton

Wednesday Night Bible Study with the Pastor
Every Wednesday throughout the year, the Pastor focuses on various books of the Bible. Usually, this goes to a more in-depth look at the story behind the Sermon from the previous Sunday. All ages are welcome!
Leader: Pastor John Inverso