Fellowship Groups

W.O.W. Group
This is a women’s ministry group that gathers monthly (depending on schedules) and talks about current hot topics and dealing with life’s circumstances. They rotate homes and will also provide support for various church activities throughout the year.
Leader: Sarah Mickle

Salt Shakers
Salt Shakers is a great way to expand your group of friends at Glassboro FUMC while enjoying fun, food, and fellowship. In Salt Shakers, people (usually a group of around 8) will gather for a meal several times  during the year. Different people host each meal and others help provide the food, or you can choose to meet at a restaurant. Singles, couples, all ages can join in on the fun! After the groups meet 3-5 times … we will “shake it up” and new groups will be assigned. It’s a lot of fun and it is hoped that many more connections and relationships with be formed because of it.
Leader: Brian Mickle

Family Game Night 
A night of fun and fellowship for the whole family! Bring your favorite treat or appetizer to share, bring your favorite game, and bring your family and friends! Coffee, tea, soda, and water is always provided! This group meets every quarter.

Join the group on the second Saturday of each Month.
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